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Reduce workplace accidents with safety floor signs

Improve health and safety at work and ensure your workplace complies with HSE regulations by placing the appropriate floor sign to highlight each and every hazard. The right warehouse sign in the right location can drastically reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by providing essential warnings or ensuring employees know that PPE is essential in a certain area. AJ Products has everything you need to keep your employees safe at work.

COSHH floor symbols from AJ Products

We offer a wide selection of warehouse safety signs with standardised graphics and colours to provide quick and clear information and instructions to the viewer. Each large, highly visible sign is printed onto the underside of a transparent PVC film then laminated onto a back surface with a strong adhesive suitable for permanent fixing even in demanding areas. It is suitable for use on a clean, dry, flat surface. Although designed for use on the floor, the sign can also be affixed to a wall or other surface.

Where should I use floor signs?

Floor warning signs are strongly recommended for use in warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants and other industrial areas that present a risk for staff or visitors. They can be used to highlight walkways and control traffic flow as well as to mark dangers and prohibited activities. Using floor markers in conjunction with other health and safety signs and the appropriate personal protective equipment will keep your staff safe and ensure your workplace complies with health and safety regulations.

What do health and safety signs mean?

There are four main types of safety sign, each associated with a different colour. These colours are standardised the world over so that the viewer can interpret the importance of the sign quickly and easily. RED: red is used when the sign is prohibiting something, such as a No Entry or No Smoking sign. YELLOW: yellow is for warnings to highlight immediate hazards, such as Danger signs or Watch Your Step. GREEN: green is used to mark safety routes or equipment, such as Fire Exit or First Aid. BLUE: blue indicates mandatory action that must be taken, particularly on building sites, in warehouses or manufacturing facilities, such as Safety Footwear Must Be Worn or Fire Door Keep Closed. At AJ Products, we can source any health and safety sign and custom make signs for specialist requirements. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give our customer service team a call on 01252 359760 or chat with us online to discuss your needs. Fast and free delivery with Ireland mainland.