Use a Computer Storage Cabinet for Protection against Dust and Dirt

Do you work in an environment where you need to protect your computer from dirt and dust, as well as from theft? If this sounds like a description of your business, then have a look at the various computer storage cabinet options sold by AJ Products. Some of these serve as workstation desks that can help you securely operate your computer systems with ease. Screen and keyboard cabinets, compact IT cabinets, computer workstations, etc. are some of the options we can provide. For more information, browse through the products described below.

Screen and Keyboard Cabinet

Set up a sturdy computer storage cabinet for your computer screen as well as keyboard equipment. Our aim is to provide protection for your computer from dirt and dust in industrial and manufacturing spaces. To achieve this, our practical screen and keyboard cabinet is your best bet! The cabinet is made from sheet steel, and also is equipped with a pull-out keyboard shelf along with a lockable door. You can use these cabinets by placing them on tables or computer desks. Alternatively, you can also attach these cabinets to walls or mount them on a frame, depending on your needs. They are suitable for any area where there is a risk of dirt getting into the computer, such as factories, workshops, warehouses, petrol stations and other such workplaces. Go through our product pages for more details.

Computer Workstation

We sell a computer storage cabinet that also functions as a workstation for industrial environments so that you have space to work while your systems are properly protected from dirt and dust. These cabinets prevent any debris from infiltrating your computer equipment. The steel workstation comes with a lockable and ventilated cupboard that can house a standard monitor. We have also provided a pull-out keyboard shelf with the cabinets along with a sloping writing surface. These features not only protect the equipment but are ergonomic from a user perspective. You can prevent cables from tangling thanks to cable routing apertures. Buy the right computer storage workstation for you by carefully going through all details and specifications.

Compact IT cabinet

Our compact IT cabinet allows you to lock away your CPU, flat screen monitor and other computer equipment in one cupboard to protect it from dust, debris and knocks without taking up too much space in your workplace. We have two options available: one with a fixed keyboard shelf on the cabinet exterior and the other with a lockable, pull-out keyboard and mouse shelf, which is recommended for particularly dusty environments. A small service door on the side allows you to access the CPU to turn on the PC or insert a disc or USB without the need to open the main door. A built-in fan and filtered ventilation prevent your equipment from overheating. As well as the products described here, we also sell numerous other varieties of computer storage cabinets along with accessories. Go through our product pages for more information.