Pallet racking accessories

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Customise your storage system with pallet rack accessories

For any company to operate efficiently and meet the demand of its customers, it is important for it to have an adequate warehouse storage solution customised to the specific needs of the business to create effective logistics. The ideal storage system should be safe, simple and highly efficient. Our world-class Ultimate pallet racking system is a result of AJ Products' own design and production, fulfilling all industry safety requirements and standards. It makes optimum use of vertical space and offers storage options for businesses of all sizes, from small stockrooms to busy large-capacity warehouses. To allow you to customise the system to your needs, we also offer an extensive range of pallet rack accessories.

Protect your warehouse shelving from damage

Pallet rack guards are a simple and effective way to protect shelving systems from damage that could cause instability, such as being hit by a forklift truck. High-visibility colours highlight the hazard to prevent collisions while the protector’s robust steel construction can take the force of impact should an accident occur. Racking leg protectors bolt to the floor and can be fitted around each upright or next to the end frame. We would recommend using both types to provide optimum protection.

Store non-palletised items easily

Pallet rack decking allows you to adapt beams so that you can store non-palletised goods, including loose items and cardboard boxes, on the same storage system as your pallets. We provide a sheet steel shelf with a capacity of 250 kg or a galvanised mesh shelf of 1000 kg. Both options fit over the pallet rack beams so are easy to install on an existing system.

Organise your goods

There are also a number of different options for separating loose materials stored on your warehouse racking. By fitting pallet rack dividers to the underside of the load beams, you can easily store sheet materials such as wooden boards or glass panels by standing them upright on a shelf level. Mesh shelf dividers are ideal for organising small loose goods or boxes if you have fitted shelves onto your beams. You will find some of our bestselling racking kits and an assortment of accessories online, but we recommend you contact AJ Products for full information and advice on the options available. Our expert project management team will provide you a competitive quote, design suggestions to maximise your storage capacity and a 3D planning service. Contact us on 01252 35970, email or chat with us online.