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As well as regular shelving systems, warehouses may also require racking systems to store long and heavy items. Hence, at AJ Products, we provide a wide range of rack shelving such as cantilever and pallet racking. Our cantilever racking is an ideal choice for saving warehouse space. We provide this racking system in two types: light-duty and heavy-duty cantilever racking. Read the following points to learn more about these types and find suitable ones for your warehouse.

Heavy-Duty Cantilever Racking

Our heavy-duty racking offers horizontal, easily accessible and well-organised storage for long heavyweight goods. It is made of sheet steel, which is powder-coated to withstand heavy use. We provide it with central columns for added stability. You can add additional spacers to your cantilever racking to split your storage into compartments or prevent goods tumbling off the arm. You can purchase spacers and arms separately from our accessories. We sell this type of storage in package deals or you can create your own system from the components. Click on individual product specifications for more details.

Light-Duty Cantilever Racking

Our space-efficient and durable, light-duty racking is suitable for storing light goods such as plastic pipes, wooden frames, and others. With this racking system, you will be able to organise all your long materials properly and access them easily. Similar to the heavy-duty version, these racks are made of sheet steel with powder coating for wear resistance. The perforations on the columns allow you to fit arms at any height and move them up or down at 50 mm intervals; you can also fit shelves on the lowest level. We provide these units with horizontal and cross braces to hold the columns together and provide optimum stability. If you require any more details about our cantilever systems, or need help buying suitable ones, contact us. Apart from cantilever racking to store long and heavy goods, you may also require a storage solution for sheet materials. Hence, we also provide sheet racks. These racks are specially designed to store such materials vertically side-by-side for easy accessibility. We provide sheet racks with floor bracings to support the contents. Contact us for more details about options available and what will best suit your needs.