Wheelbarrow: Easy to Load, Easy to Roll

The wheelbarrows sold by AJ Products are of the best quality and offer good value for money. We guarantee that our wheelbarrows are reliable even when it comes to voluminous loads. Our products are always dependable, on and off the work site. We offer four varieties of wheelbarrows, which are categorised depending on their load strength, material coating, and convenience of use (wheels and handles). To choose the wheelbarrow that suits the needs of your business, have a look at all the product specifications to make a well informed decision.


Depending on the size and sturdiness of the wheelbarrow, the volume ranges between 90 L and 260 L. Our classic wheelbarrow is designed to allow the lifter to feel only 15-20% of the total weight load, which goes up to 110 L when heaped. Our large wheelbarrow is designed to transport large volumes of light materials, and can be heaped up to 260 L. Our steel and heavy duty wheel barrows can take a volume load capped at 120 L.

Convenience: wheels and handles

Only our large wheelbarrow comes with two wheels due to the high load that it has to bear, whereas the other three models come, as standard, with one wheel each. The two wheels on the large wheel barrow allow maximum stability and improve balance, thus giving the user a more ergonomic working position. Our heavy duty wheelbarrow is equipped with pneumatic wheels, making it easier to control and move around. All our wheelbarrows have castor wheels, which allow easy movement even with loads as high as 260L. The large wheelbarrow and classic wheelbarrow are both equipped with wooden handles to keep them warm and comfortable, which makes them easy to use even during harsh weather.


The heavy duty wheelbarrow, classic wheelbarrow and steel wheelbarrow are made entirely from sheet steel. The heavy duty wheelbarrow is powder coated to protect it from corrosion, wear and tear as well as the weather. The classic wheelbarrow is powder-coated with a steel pan to save it from wind and weather, whereas the heavy duty wheelbarrow is galvanised to prevent corrosion in any conditions. Our large wheel barrow is made from robust plastic to make the wheelbarrow light in weight, thus making the high volume load capacity easy for the user to move. Plastic also ensures that it cannot rust. The frame of this wheelbarrow is galvanised. Our wheelbarrows are available in various sizes and all come with large pans that act as tipping skips, in effect, to make the unloading process quick and easy. To choose the perfect wheelbarrow, have a look at the product descriptions and images to understand which one meets your needs.

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