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Dollies and Trolleys for Workshops

Workplace injuries are very common especially in workshops, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Lifting heavy items can cause a lot of back related injuries. We at AJ Products offer solutions for avoiding such work related injuries. You can choose from our wide range of ergonomic equipment or make use of transport dollies and trolley boxes for reducing injuries in the workplace. Read the following to get a better understanding of our box dollies.

Plywood dolly

The plywood dolly is a wooden box dolly with a cut out handle in the centre to make it easy to carry when it is not being used. It is made of birch plywood and is also available with an anti-slip platform coating. The dolly is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 400kg, making it easy to transport heavy loads thanks to its easy rolling elastic rubber castors. These easy-to-manoeuvre wooden dollies are also available in a basic model called the economy wooden dolly, which has a weight capacity of 240kg. You can also make use of transport trolleys in your workshop to reduce the burden of carrying heavy loads around. For more product specifications, click on the individual product images.

Plastic dolly

Most of our plastic box dollies have an open base and are made of sturdy ABS plastic. Their load capacities vary from 150 kg to250kg and they can easily handle boxes and crates. They are easy to clean and hygienic. You can also make use of the Silentmaster ® interconnecting plastic dollies, which can be joined together either sideways or lengthways to create a much larger platform. They are easily stackable when not in use and can handle a load capacity of 150kg each. We also provide dollies with a long tow barsto make the task of manoeuvring the dolly easier without the need to bend down. For more information, go through our product listings.

Metal dolly

At AJ Products, we provide metal dollies in galvanised as well as in zinc plated steel. These dollies can facilitate the transportation and storage of plastic boxes, crates and other such heavy loads up to a maximum of 300kg (depending on themodel). Workshops and factories should invest in heavy duty trolleys for handling and moving heavier loads. We also have simple aluminium dollies, which have a load capacity of 300kg and are extremely easy to handle. Our light duty rolling corners are perfect for moving larger goods on even floors. For a better understanding, go through the individual product pages.

Dolly cart and handles

The electro-galvanised dolly cart is the perfect addition for stacking and moving all the dollies when not in use. The cart is capable of storing 10 plastic dollies measuring 600x400mm. We also provide handles for some of our dollies to make them easier to manoeuvre. Visit our product listings to understand which box dollies and trolley boxes best suit your requirements.