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Shelf Trolley and Other Equipment for Material Transportation at Workplaces

At AJ Products, we make your life easier in workshops and warehouses by selling robust quality and well-designed trolleys, which can be used for material transportation. These will not only stand up to demanding conditions, but can also help you achieve a higher level of work productivity. Before you purchase, go through the various transport trolley options sold by us, so that you make the best choice for your requirement.

Platform Trolleys

We sell robust shelf trolleys with a stable and sturdy design, which are especially suitable for use in demanding environments. They can be utilised to move tools, machine parts and equipment in warehouses and industries. The trolley frames are blue and made of powder-coated steel. We sell platform trolleys with different numbers of shelves, which are made from MDF boards. The load capacity differs depending on the type of trolley as well as the positioning of the shelves. The trolleys have two fixed castors and two movable swivel castors that can roll even if you load the trolleys with heavy loads. The devices come with a handle on their shorter side that makes it easy to pull or push them around.

Shelf Trolley

One of our most popular types of shelf trolley simplifies the transportation of goods and provides greater mobility in almost any workplace. It offers a practical and durable solution, which is easy to move around and also acts as an extra storage space. You can use these trolleys in workspaces such as canteens, offices, workshops, warehouses, etc. We have made the trolley shelves with fibreglass and polypropylene to ensure that they are suitable for harsh environments. It has two fixed and two swivel castors.

Workshop Trolley

Our robust workshop trolleys are best suitable for heavy duty work in demanding environments such as warehouses, assembly plants, workshops, etc. These are fitted with fully welded, flush fitting shelves with different load bearing capacities depending on the type of trolley and number of shelves chosen. This trolley can also be used for industrial work environments. You can use it for transporting goods, or for picking and storing tools. The top shelf is appropriate for assembly work while the lower ones provide additional storage. Some workshop trolley models also come with small drawers to store tools such as chisels, picks, small hammers, etc. Apart from these trolleys, we also sell others including picking trolleys, tool trolleys and adjustable tray trolleys so you can find the one for you. To get more information, browse through our list of trolley products.