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Board trolleys

Boards and sheet materials can be tricky to manoeuvre safely but trust AJ to offer a vast range of solutions with our handy board trolleys. Our products are versatile and can cater to a variety of environments and load capacities. Furthermore, our trolleys can adjust and convert to fit different purposes and save space too.

Heavy duty board trolley

Our range of heavy duty trolleys has a capacity of up to 800 kg, ideal for use with doors, fences, drywall and large sheet panels. With our adjustable heavy-duty board trolley, you can easily angle the board support to use it as a workbench at the correct working height. Furthermore, it can be adjusted to accommodate different sheet sizes.

Multi Trolley ™

Multi Trolley makes it possible for one person to move heavy and bulky furniture and other goods efficiently and safely. The trolley comes with four adjustable posts and easy-roll swivel castors, two of which are braked. The Multi Trolley has a load capacity of 250 kg, making it ideal for a wide variety of industries from removal and delivery companies to warehouses and facilities companies. The trolley is fitted onto the side of the item you want to move and then easily rotated down to the floor so you can roll the item away. This makes it possible for one person to move heavy or bulky items unaided. With a Multi Trolley, you reduce the risk of damage to the load and injury to the staff as they avoid heavy and awkward lifting. The Multi Trolley is a very versatile, ergonomically sound piece of equipment that is easy to use, regardless of whether you are moving office furniture, a sofa or a bed.

Mobile board lift

Make your job easier by simplifying the handling, lifting and transport of sheet materials with this board lift trolley. The lifting trolley is designed to make it safe and simple to install sheet materials while working at height, such as on a ceiling for example. Thanks to its stable and robust construction, the trolley is safe to use on any floor surface and has a maximum lifting capacity of 70 kg. AJ Products has a range of wheeled transport solutions that can be used in industrial and commercial environments. Our range provides businesses with versatility and superior manoeuvrability. Our products are durable, crafted with care and of high quality. Contact us if you have doubts regarding product specifications, price details, shipment information, etc. Browse the product pages for a better understanding before making a firm choice when buying our products.